Baptism for Infants and Children Under the Age of Seven

Baptism is God’s most beautiful and magnificent gift
— Catechism of the Catholic Church # 1216


Congratulations on your precious gift of God! It is truly wonderful that you wish to share your faith with your child, for Jesus said: "Let the children come to me." This gift of faith is one of the most important gifts that you can give to your child.

It has been the constant practice of the Roman Catholic Church from the earliest times to administer the sacrament of Baptism to infants. 

Baptism marks the beginning of the faith life

At Baptism, the parents and sponsors along with the whole Christian community take upon themselves the responsibility to make the Church and the world a place that will offer the newly baptized the love and support needed to grow to full Christian adulthood.

We look forward to helping you prepare for the Baptism of your child.

Steps to Prepare

We ask that you begin Baptism preparation prior to the birth of your child, if possible. All Godparents are welcome and encouraged to attend the preparation, if they are in the local area.

  1. Parents need to be registered at Resurrection of Our Lord RC Church and be practicing for a minimum of six months prior to baptismal date being scheduled. 
    • Godparents need to be Catholics in Good standing and also be registered at their parish for a minimum of 6 months. If you or the godparents are not already registered, you will need to complete a family registration form.

  2. The next step is to call the Parish Office and sign up to attend a Baptismal Preparation Course if you have not done so in the past 3-5 years.  At that time an exact date and time of the course will be given to you. One must be registered for the class in order to attend. 

  3. Within the next few weeks, start gathering the necessary documentation needed for your child and Godparents.  

Necessary Documents

The baptism will be recorded in the permanent records of the parish from the information you provide. Therefore, please be sure of the accuracy of information and the spelling of names.

  • Baptismal Registration form – fully complete all information before handing in.
  • Parish Registration form – fully complete all information, if not already registered at Resurrection. Reminder: you must be registered in the parish for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Sponsor Form / Statement – one for each Godparent, from the parish where they are registered, stating they are qualified to be a Godparent, with pastor signature and Parish seal on form/letter.
  • Baptismal Prep Certificate /Letter - showing completion of the Baptismal Preparation Course for both the Parents as well as for Godparents. If you have taken Baptismal prep in the past 3-5 years please bring in a letter or certificate of completion or sign-up for the next available class.
  • Official Birth Certificate – please provide a copy for your child’s baptism file.
  • Copy of Adoption Papers - if your child has been adopted, Baptism may not take place until their adoption has become final.

Completed Baptismal Registry Form and other documents

Please bring these documents with you to either the Baptismal Preparation class or turn them in to the Parish Office upon completion of the Baptismal Preparation Course.  The date for your child’s baptism will be set at the Parish Office. 

Please do not make flight plans for Godparents or family prior to having all paperwork complete and receiving an official invitation card from the parish.

*All documentation must be complete and Baptismal Preparation Course complete before the Parish Office will schedule a date for the Baptism.

Godparent/ Christian Witness

Godparents should be prayerfully selected, visibly practice their Catholic Faith, give strong Christian witness, be at least 16 years old, and have received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation and if married, they must be married in the Catholic Church or have their marriage witnessed by a Catholic priest or deacon. They cannot be the parents of the child.

One Catholic Godparent is all that is required, but if you chose, two, one must be male and the other female. Or, a baptized person who actively practicing their Christian faith may be a sponsor in the role of "Christian Witness," but only in company with a practicing Catholic.

Formation Sessions

Baptismal Preparation is presented both in English and Spanish.  All first time parents are required to attend a Baptismal Preparation Course.  This course consists of one session and once completed is valid for 5 years.

All baptismal paperwork must be completed BEFORE the session. If you need these documents please pick them up at the parish office or in the church. Please call the parish office to register for the Baptismal Preparation course. 

  •  The course is offered in English the first Thursday of every month from 7-8:30pm in the Magdalene Room. 
  • The course is offered in Spanish the second Thursday of the month from 7-8:30pm in the Magdalene Room.

Note: In order to attend the Baptismal Preparation session you must registered for the preparation. You can register for the Baptismal Preparation session by visiting or calling the parish office.

Clothing and Candle

A white Christening gown is customary but not required. Whatever clothing is worn should be loose enough at the neck to allow anointing of the child's breast. If a hat is worn, it should be removed for the baptism. The parish will provide a white Baptismal garment and baptismal candle, or you may supply your own. Keep these as a reminder of this joyous milestone. The candle can be burned on Baptismal anniversaries and when the child receives other sacraments in the future.

Celebration of Baptism - Day and Time

The Sacrament of Baptism for Infants and Children, who have not reached the age of (7) seven, is celebrated on:

In English:

  • The 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:30am.

In Spanish:

  • The 3rd Saturday of each month at 10:30am.

During Lent, no Baptisms will take place. Dates may have to change so please call the Parish Office.

If you would like to arrange another day or time, please let the office know when registering.

Donation/ Stipend

There is no fee for programmed monthly Baptisms (2nd Saturday-English and 3rd Saturday-Spanish at 10:30am). However, families are reminded that they should make a donation to the Church on the occasion of their child's Baptism and give a stipend (small gift) to the priest or deacon. This may be placed in the envelope provided and given to the celebrant on the day of the baptism or mailed to the parish. Please be sure to indicate that the donation is for the occasion of your child's baptism.